Poem: Fitna of Dajjal

The Fitna of Dajjal

By: Ameerah J. Ali

In a time of uncertainty,
We know the inevitable, will become a reality.
AllAh (SWT) has told all of humanity,
Alif, Laam, Mim. Da Lee Kal Kitabu La Raybah Fee. (2:1-2)
And still, we have doubt in what we believe.

Dajjal will surely come to deceive,
Breaking up an entire family.
Are you ready to turn the cheek,
And follow the hungry and weak?

Dajjal will claim Divinity,
Winning the hearts of those who lack faith and sincerity.

His chains will be cut for him to run free,
With his powers, he will trek the world in its entirety.

In a time of famine and disparity,
Dajjal will cause it to rain, and people will follow blindly.
The weak in faith will give up everything,
To be a part of this false prophecy.

He will never be given entry,
Into Mecca or Medina, our holiest cities.
When he reaches Medina, in his journey,
The tremors will cause the hypocrites to flee.
A Muslim, strong in his belief,
Will come to call out Dajjal’s dishonesty.
Dajjal will kill and revive. Do you still doubt me?
Yes, now I know you are Dajjal, most Definitely!

Memorize the first 10 Ayah of Surah Al Kahf, for security,
Add the last 10 for immunity.

Seek Allah’s protection from this catastrophe,
May He guide us and keep us on the Siratul Mustakeem!
Say Ameen!

Remember to turn to the Quran-ul Majeed
Because we are guaranteed,
Alif Laam Mim, Da Lee Kal Kitabu La Raybah Fee!!! (2:1-2)

Protection from Hell

When you finish praying your fard (mandatory prayer) of Fajr (the morning prayer) and the fard of Magrib (prayer after sunset) recite ‘Alahumma ajirnee minannar.’ seven times, and if you die that day or that night, you will have protection from it, “it” referring to the punishment of Hell.

And when you finish the dawn prayer (Fajr), say: 
اللهم اجرني من النار

‘Alahumma ajirnee minannar.’ seven times.
(O Allah, protect me from Hell.)

If you die that day, you are granted protection from it.”

“When you finish the sunset prayer (Maghrib), say: 
اللهم اجرني من النار

‘Alahumma ajirnee minannar’ seven times. 
(O Allah, protect me from Hell.) 

If you say that and die that night, protection from it would be recorded for you.

Abu Dawud Book 036, Hadith Number 5061.